TacTic developed a Series of testers for linearly translated, flat-sided or round material using a new “glanded” version of our famous “flow-coupler” transducer shoes. These shoes are mounted in pairs in an air-actuated, photo sensor-controlled “follower” to ensure good coupling and beam orientation despite minor changes in test material position as it passes through the test station. Tester models are available with one, two, three or more pairs of transducers, each pair in its individual follower.

Model 57L Series “Tankless” Testers for Linearly Fed Material

These testers are designed to handle material sizes ranging from 2 1/2 to 7 inches (63-178 mm). They include a self-contained drip-tank with a pump and filter for couplant recirculation. Separate handling equipment provides a translation of material through the tester. This equipment may be supplied by the user or designed by TacTic.

One of the primary uses of this tester is for normal beam (longitudinal wave) detection of internal defects in billets.


Model 57B Series “Tankless” Flow-Coupled Testers for Rotating Rounds

These testers use pneumatically raised transducer coupling shoes in one or more dual probe carriers that contact rotating material from underneath. Doubly pivoted carriers provide “following” action to maintain good coupling and transducer alignment in spite of material centerline displacements. Precise probe spacing enables “interlaced” scanning to increase inspection speed. TacTic Model 900 Recirculating Ball Transfers are used for contact with the material. Contoured, non-contacting faceplates minimize loss and splashing of the recirculated coupling water. Air “blow-offs” keep couplant water off external conveyors.

Model 57B Tankless0001


MAC’s line of ultrasonic test systems can accommodate a full range of applications, including those requiring sophisticated high speed rotary testing.


TacTic™ Model 76EX-24 “Spin the Tube" Immersion Style System