Demagnetize bar tube or wire material ranging up to 8.5” (215mm) diameter during production

  • Offers effective demagnetizing even for problem alloys.
  • Used in metal manufacturing plants to eliminate residual magnetism in test material after the eddy current test (ECT) is completed.
  • Can also be used for similar applications where high-speed reduction of residual magnetism is required.
  • Several models are available to meet your unique production needs.
  • Experienced MAC® Field Engineers can recommend the most appropriate demagnetizing equipment for your applications.

Demagnetizers can be used with MAC® eddy current and flux leakage test systems for efficient, continuous elimination of unwanted magnetism in ferrous rod, wire, bar and tubing. They can also be used for general applications, including finished parts where the fields of residual magnetism are complex and require the features that these units offer.

Model 475 Demagnetizer Controls and Coil, 4 KVA Power


  • Offers simple operation at production line speeds.
  • Can be installed as independent stations, or on the production line in conjunction with eddy current and/or flux leakage test equipment.
  • All models include a control unit and a demagnetizing coil. A flux coil with a separate meter is included on some models and offered as an option with others.
  • Final level of residual magnetization can be verified automatically by the flux coil (which produces a meter reading), or by hand with a MAC® Magnetism Detector.

Available Models:

  • Model 200H – Ambient Air Cooled. AC power onlyLow Power for up to 1.75? (44 mm) diameter light material such as thin wall tube and small parts.
  • Models 470/471H – Ambient Air Cooled.
    1 KVA Power for 1.75?, 4.75? or 5.75? (44, 114, 146 mm) diameter material.
  • Model 475 – Water or Air Cooled (Air cooled coils can be used on some thin walled tubing.).
    Medium Duty 4 KVA Power for 4.5? (114 mm) diameter material.
  • Model 400H – Water Cooled – Requires continuous supply of water.
    Heavy Duty 25 KVA Power for 3.75?, 4.75? or 5.75? (95, 114, 146 mm) diameter material.
  • Model 750 – Water Cooled – Requires continuous supply of water.
    Extra Heavy Duty 75 KVA for 6”, 7.5” or 8.%” (150, 190, 215 mm) diameter material.

Model 470 Demagnetizer Controls and Coil, 1 KVA Power