No two products or processing challenges are exactly alike. That’s why a specially-configured MAC® Custom System can help you address unique testing requirements…as well as the demands of your own internal standards.

  • Can be configured to be an integral part of your production line.
  • Multi-collector software is available to bring together results from multiple testers even including, in some cases, existing test operations in your mill.
  • Customized applications that combine several test methods take advantage of the strengths inherent in each technology to gain comprehensive test coverage, accuracy and efficiency.
  • Three typical custom applications include:
    • A Custom Eddy Current Test System.
    • A single Longitudinal Flux Leakage rotary test head.
    • A Multi-Test System with sophisticated electronic controls.

Rotoflux® AC Flux Leakage 130mm, Echomac® 75mm UT Rotary, Production Comparator System

Which solution is right for you?

  • An Eddy Current Test Instrument can handle a variety of applications. For example, copper water tubing can be tested for surface cracks, pinholes and other defects using a one- or two-channel MultiMac® tester, along with a coil platform to hold and position the test coil.
  • A Flux Leakage Test can be used to spot defects in automotive tube with wall thickness variations or for basic OCTG testing such as API 5L. A single longitudinal flux leakage test head will meet the requirements for detecting longitudinal defects. For more complex OCTG inspection, a transverse flux leakage test head can be added to detect transverse defects.
  • A Multi-Test System with sophisticated electronic controls can be used to combine one or more eddy current, ultrasonic or flux leakage testers with precise mechanical components. These controls can handle and position your material and sensors so you achieve optimum performance and speed on even the most difficult test applications.
  • Other Custom Options are available for material handling equipment and rapid inspection of fasteners and metal parts. A MAC® certified engineer can help you determine the NDT solution for your application.