Eddy Current Instrument for Testing Tube, Bar, & Wire

  • Operates with encircling, sector, or rotary test sensors.
  • Up to eight test channels, null or absolute, can be used in any combination.
  • Detect short surface and some subsurface defects in tube, bar, and wire.
  • Inspect welded tube for short ID or OD defects in the weld zone.
  • Find seams and long, continuous flaws using a rotary test probe.
  • Test magnetic or non-magnetic material.
  • Offers broad test frequency selection from 1KHz to 5MHz.

The versatile MultiMac® lets you configure your eddy current test applications the way you want—all with one tester. Test channels can be individually configured for two ECT coil technologies, eliminating the need to invest in multiple testing instruments. MultiMac® is also available in other cabinet configurations.

Other MultiMac® Features:

  • Enter all test parameters through one easy to read EC set up screen.
  • View real time, simultaneous test results on Multi Screen display for up to 8 channels, in polar and linear modes.
  • All test channels can operate at the same or at different frequencies.
  • Versatile chord, half chord, sector and all phase threshold selection allows complex gating for applications such as detecting ID/OD and weld sector defects.
  • Store and recall setups, print and transfer data.
  • Install in-line or at a separate test station.
  • Combine end suppression circuitry with an optional sensor for testing cut lengths to prevent false signals from leading and trailing ends.
  • Packaged in a heavy-duty cabinet that includes a built-in monitor, air conditioning, and pullout keyboard. There is no need to access the cabinet interior during setup and operation.
    Heavy duty 25x22x26” cabinet (655mm x 558.7mm x 864mm) with a built-in 17” touch screen monitor is standard.
  • Other cabinet options available without the heavy duty cabinet and built-in monitor. These models include output connectors for an external monitor, and can be housed in an environmental cabinet with air conditioning where needed.

MultiMac® SM Features:

  • A high-speed computer with Windows® Operating Systems and MAC’s proprietary software, packaged in a compact cabinet that includes a built-in monitor.
  • Has up to two independent test channels that can operate at the same or different frequencies for special applications.
  • Polar and linear signal traces can be simultaneously displayed, along with all test parameters.
  • May be operated with a keyboard or mouse. Output connectors are included for an optional external monitor.
  • User-configurable reports containing customer and product information, in addition to defect location, time, amplitude and phase, can be stored locally or on a network server.
  • Housed in a 20x12x12” cabinet (509mm x 304.8mm x 304.8mm) with a built-in 15” screen. Also available without the screen, but with an output for an external monitor.


MAC’s® Eddy Current Testing (ECT) systems incorporate computer-based test instruments and test coils that use two ECT coil technologies: encircling and sector coils, and spinning or rotary probe coils.

  • Encircling and sector Eddy Current coil tests perform in this manner.
  • The product is passed through or adjacent to an electrical test coil, which
    has been excited by an alternating current.
  • This induces a flow of eddy currents around the test material or in the
    case of a sector coil, in the area under the coil.
  • Short, intermittent anomalies or flaws cause a variation in the eddy
    current pattern, which the instrument detects.

Series 354 Tangent Coil Platofrm