Accurate handling, conveying and positioning of material, before, during and after the test is a critical part of any NDT  system.

  • MAC’s full range of handling components help to ensure that nondestructive test inspection systems reach their fullest potential.
  • Test Benches & Drives support and accurately position the test material during the inspection process.
  • Feed Systems provide mechanical handling of bars and tubing as they enter and leave a test station.
  • Coil Platforms provide proper positioning of the test coil with respect to the material being tested.
  • Conductor Controls allow complete command of test benches, multiple test instruments and pinches.

MAC’s mechanical handling products, the result of many years of experience with actual NDT installations, help to ensure accuracy and successful test results. Standard and custom-designed options are available, plus “V” Roll and Constant Center Triple Guide Roll Test Benches.

D2 Steel Rolls on Triple Bench used with UT Rotary System

Properly installed handling components can minimize false signals from vibration and other types of conditions that interfere with the test signals. Conductor controls allow complete command of test benches, multiple test instruments and pinches. Extensive input/output can be handled by programmable logic controllers (PLC).

Test Bench – Standard “V” Roll

  • Standard “V” rolls and pinch stands to accurately support and position test material.
  • “V” rolls feature three points of contact, 2 fixed bottom rolls and a flat top roll to ensure firm support and eliminate vibrations.
  • Automated or manual controls are offered for making easy adjustments in testing material size and diameter.

Test Bench – Triple Guide Roll Constant Center

  • Entire bench can be automatically adjusted to align test coils and test heads with the level of the incoming test material.
  • Triple guide roll pinches guarantee a controlled entrance and exit from the test stations.
  • Automatically adjusts the bench height and opening of the triple pinches for changes in test material dimension, using the PLC or Conductor Controls.
  • Recommended for testing upset pipe and tubes with badly formed ends, or in difficult straightening applications.

Feed/Conveyor Systems

  • Efficient, economic modular design meets a wide range of test applications.
  • Handles bars, tubes, and billets.
  • For round and hex material, diameters 1/8” to 7 ½”.
  • AMFT/PLC Controllers provide automatic/manual operation of the feed system.
  • Available components include Easy Drop release, Throw off attachments, Easy down hardware, Transfer arms and other mechanisms.
  • Extensive systems (Metric or English) can be supplied to meet your specific handling requirements.

Coil Platforms

  • Precision engineered for MAC NDT systems
  • Ensure the material under test is mechanically and electrically centered when it passes through encircling coils or moves by tangent, segment or (sector) coils.
  • Test magnetic or non-magnetic material. (Includes a source of magnetization when inspecting magnetic material).
  • Most coil platform models can be adjusted vertically and horizontally to provide proper centering, an essential need for accurate testing.
  • MAC has coil platforms for a broad range of applications, as well as custom designs when needed.