In 1934, thanks to a leasing incentive, Union Drawn Steel became the first company to install a MAC® electromagnetic tester. They are still a lease customer today! Ever since then, operating leases have played an important role in MAC’s marketing program and remain a popular option for customers who are not prepared to make a capital investment. Join the many companies that lease their nondestructive test instruments and systems from MAC, including 81 that have been leasing from us for over 25 years. Here are some of the many advantages they’ve found:

  • MAC offers short- and long-term operating leases on most standard test systems.
  • Use the latest NDT technology without taking out expensive loans or financing
  • No requirement for up front capital
  • No need to worry about obsolescence as you can upgrade to the latest technology at any time during the lease by adding or replacing equipment.
  • MAC’s trained Field Engineers and Representatives provide supervision and training during the installation.
  • Service for your NDT equipment is provided by MAC’s Field Engineers and Representatives.
  • To maintain maximum operating condition, one OEM calibration service is provided each year.
  • Contact us for complete details.

Multi-test UT/MFL system includes Echomac® with a UT Rotary, and Rotoflux® AC Flux rotary, for 100% volumetric inspection of steel bar along with comparator coils for grade sorting.