MAC now has cost effective TacTic® “spin the tube” immersion tank ultrasonic systems which can be used to test tube up to 8” and bar up to 6” diameter, where high through-put speed is not a requirement. The systems locate internal and external defects and inconsistencies in the wall thickness of tubular products.


TacTic’s ultrasonic testers and idlers are specifically designed for the material you need to inspect, including round or flat material of varying sizes as well as tube or pipe welds. The tester and idler sections feed, rotate, and inspect the material.

TacTic’s UT equipment models with immersion tanks work equally well for ultrasonic tube, pipe, and bar inspection in  automated production use or in manual, laboratory-type applications. We also offer a wide variety of systems for flat material and tankless testing.

Model 76E “Standard Duty” Tester

Model 76E “Standard Duty” Testers feature tanks with an inside length from 6″ to 30″ (150-760 mm). The right tester for your operation depends on the number of transducers you need and the types of tests you will be performing. The typical size range for continuous use of “Standard Duty” systems is from 1/4″-4″ (6-100 mm) diameter tubes and bars up to about 2.5″ (63 mm) diameter for solid bars. At slower speeds, these systems may accommodate tubes to 6″ (150 mm) diameter and solid bars to 4″ (100 mm) diameter.

Model 76F & G “Heavy Duty” Testers

“Heavy Duty” Testers are powered either by a 7.5 HP motor (76F) or by a 10 HP motor (76G). Test material size for continuous operation ranges from 5/8″ (16 mm) to 8″ (200 mm) for tubes and to 5″ (125 mm) for solid bars. At a reduced speed, testers can accommodate solid bars up to 6″ (150 mm) diameter. The length of testing materials will determine how much horsepower you will need. Drive and idler wheels of 4″ (100 mm) diameter, wider tanks and heavy frame members make these testers suitable for larger materials.

Model 77E Tester

Model 77E can test squares, rectangles, hexagons and strip. The system features horizontal support rollers, vertical positioning rollers and fixed or “following” transducer positioners.  The Model 77E is suitable for fast, accurate flaw detection in flat materials.

Model 600 & 600H Series “Standard” and “Heavy Duty” Idler Sections

These rugged conveyor sections are placed at each end of a tester to provide good support for incoming and outgoing pieces. We carry these products in lengths up to 30′ (9.1 m). They may be fitted with loaders, unloaders, defect sorters, markers and “Hold-downs” as described under Accessories & Components / Material Handling Accessories.


MAC’s line of ultrasonic test systems can accommodate a full range of applications, including those requiring sophisticated high speed rotary testing.

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