High-Speed Testing of Small Diameter Wire, Rod & Tube for Longitudinal Defects

High-speed rotary features include:

  • Operation at speeds up to 18,000 RPM for high production output.
  • Highly sensitive non-contact testing with superior results
  • New and improved, easy to set up Distance Compensation (a critical factor in testing ovate wire).
  • Simple adjustment tools, with convenient dial-in diameter guide.
  • Two spinning test probes that can be adjusted simultaneously for dimensional changes.
  • Quick twist-on bushing holders.
  • Probes that can be easily centered on the test product’s center of rotation.
  • Simple probe replacement.
  • Meets all applicable safety requirements.

20mm High Speed Rotary

The 20mm Rotomac® HS Rotary delivers high-speed ECT (Eddy Current Testing) for continuous wire operations that include drawing, spring-making, parts forming, and shape and cut. The system is designed to detect longitudinal surface flaws such as seams and laps, in products measuring from 2 to 20mm (0.0787-0.7874”) in diameter

Applications Include:

  • Continuous wire operations such as drawing, spring-making, and parts forming lines.
  • Straight and cut operations.
  • Operates in-line with straighteners, or off-line in a separate test station.
  • Ferromagnetic, non-ferromagnetic, and austenitic materials.
  • Tests round and ovate material.


MAC’s® Eddy Current Testing (ECT) systems incorporate computer-based test instruments and test coils that use two ECT coil technologies: encircling and sector coils, and spinning or rotary probe coils.

  • Encircling and sector Eddy Current coil tests perform in this manner:
  • The product is passed through or adjacent to an electrical test coil, which has been excited by an alternating current.



  • This induces a flow of eddy currents around the test material or in the case of a sector coil, in the area under the coil.
  • Short, intermittent anomalies or flaws cause a variation in the eddy current pattern, which the instrument detects.

20mm High Speed Rotary