The Echomac® FD6/6A is MAC’s latest computer based ultrasonic inspection instrument designed for on or off-line flaw detection, thickness, weld inspection, and dimensional measurement in tube and pipe. It achieves a new level of improved signal to noise ratio, finer adjustments, improved thickness resolution, repeatability, and reliability.

The Echomac® series has been used for a variety of applications ranging from full body testing for spinning tube and weld zone inspection during production, to 500mm Ultrasonic/Flux Leakage multi test systems for large diameter pipe.

FD6 Echomac® Electronics

Echomac® FD6/6A Features:

  • MAC’s user friendly Echohunter® interface software and versatile intuitive operation
  • Key Test parameters can be controlled on a single screen
  • “Global” key allows parameters for several test channels to be adjusted at once, or copied from one channel to another
  • Meets typical requirement for nuclear and aerospace applications (Model 6A has received GE qualification for P3TF31, Class A & B, & P29TF82 Class A & B)

The instrument is compatible with rotary, immersion, bubbler or squirter type and “spin the tube” applications.  New installations or older ones that need to be upgraded can benefit from use of the Echomac® FD6/6A.

A-Scan display in the UT Screen shows the setup for Channel 1 with a gate I/F and 4 gate thresholds