25mm UT Rotary designed for high speed flaw and dimensional ultrasonic inspection of tubes and bar in high precision applications.

Magnetic Analysis Corp. has delivered its latest Ultrasonic Rotary Tester, the Echomac® 25mm. The customer is one of the largest bar finishing processors for the medical industry in the world. The system was supplied with our Echomac FD-6A electronics, triple pinch bench, and a customized belt conveyor and sorting system. Also included are special mechanics to handle the small diameters with maximum protection for the surface of the material under test. The system features fast size change-overs and is controlled by an easy to use PLC with touch panel.

25mm UT Rotary

The Echomac® 25mm Rotary provides 100% coverage at high throughput rates on thin wall product ranging from 5 to 25mm diameter, and is especially well suited for challenging applications requiring high performance such as tubular product for nuclear and aerospace installations. Our Echomac® FD-6A electronics has received GE qualification for P3TF31, Class A & B, & P29TF82 Class A &B, a typical requirement for nuclear and aerospace applications.

The overall length of the Rotary, 630mm, allows for ease of installation in existing inspection lines.  Wall thickness as thin as 0.4mm, and tubes as short as 1.2 meters, can be successfully tested. Features include a transformer design which ensures improved signal to noise ratio, enhanced bandwidth, zero channel cross-talk, 8,000 RPM running speed, precision test blocks and transducer holders, convenient adjustment of the transducer angle, and optimum operating safety.  The 25mm Rotary is part of MAC’s line of UT Rotaries which range up to 500mm capacity.

UT Test System with UT 25mm Rotary and Conveyor

When used with MAC’s Echomac FD-6/6A instrumentation, the Rotary system provides outstanding inspection of ID/OD, longitudinal and transverse flaws, wall thickness and dimensional evaluation including conditions of eccentricity and ovality. FD-6/6A software can be equipped with a C scan for ease of test result analysis. The Echomac® series of rotaries are being used for a variety of applications ranging from full body testing of spinning tube and weld zone inspection during production, to 500mm Ultrasonic/Flux Leakage multi test systems for large diameter OCTG pipe.