MAC® Is Celebrating Its 95th Anniversary


Looking Back

In 1928, Magnetic Analysis Corp. was founded in a small facility in Long Island, City, New York. At that time, most inspection consisted of “sampling” techniques, which essentially destroyed part of the bar in the process. The concept of nondestructive testing proved to be a very attractive idea, as it would allow use of the product after testing.

Translating the NDT concept into a viable tester required six years of research and development, leading to the first successful electromagnetic test for cracks in steel bars, which was conducted in an operating mill.

These first steps led to a 95 year-long path involving the continual development and refinement of NDT technologies and applications. These were—and continue to be—designed to meet and exceed the high-quality standards of our customers.


Nearly a century later, MAC has grown to become a recognized global leader in nondestructive instruments and systems.

Operating on an international scale, MAC assists metal manufacturers the world over in meeting demands and specifications that require multiple technologies. With the support of our subsidiaries and field engineering network, the company is proud to serve customers throughout the Americas, Europe, Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, India, Korea, China and Australia.


As we reflect on this 95th milestone–with an eye toward entering our second century in business–we look forward to new breakthroughs and advancements that are sure to come in Eddy Current, AC Flux Leakage, Ultrasonic and Phased Array Ultrasonic technologies, as well as in material handling and remote access approval and monitoring.

We look forward to playing a leading role in these exciting NDT developments as well as continuing to serve you in the years ahead.