Ultrasonic Test Systems



These ultrasonic NDT methods will indicate material defects such as longitudinal and transverse cracks, inclusions and others as well as ID/OD dimensions and dimensional changes such as thickness and ovality.

Transducer Assembly

High speed ultrasonic rotary testers provide multiple test configurations for tube or bar up to 500 millimeters in diameter.

ECHOMAC® Rotary Ultrasonic System Rotating ultrasonic transducers are available for shear-wave configuration (surface and subsurface defects) and compression-wave configuration (internal defects and dimensional measurements such as wall thickness.) Models are available for inspecting material from 10 mm to 500 mm in diameter at test speeds up to 200 fpm, depending on the size and condition of the material. Rotary ultrasonic systems can be combined with eddy-current instrumentation to meet API, ASTM, Mill, and Customer specifications.

Typical Application:

  • Used with FD-6 electronics for non-destructive testing of bars, tube and pipe.

Multi Channel Ultrasonic Tester

The Echomac® Model FD-6 is a computer based ultrasonic inspection instrument designed for on or off-line flaw detection, thickness, and dimensional measurement.  Building on the success and wide acceptance of earlier Echomac models, the FD-6 achieves a new level of improved signal to noise ratio, finer adjustments, improved thickness resolution, repeatability, and reliability. Adjustable width negative square wave for pulse echo or pitch-catch/through transmission optimizes transducer efficiency.  16 step damping adjustments in increments of 20 Ohms allow better tuning of the pulser and improve front wall resolution.  With a higher gain range and 6 bandwidth selections, noise is significantly suppressed, thus improving reliability and repeatability of results. 

With its unique Echohunter® software, the Echomac® instrument features versatile, intuitive operation with set up and control of all key test parameters on one screen with a click of the mouse or keyboard. Thresholds can be moved by selecting and dragging on screen and a “Global” key allows parameters for several channels to be adjusted at once, or copied from one channel to another. The chart screen shows strip charting and defect logging of all events, up to 32 channels or functional groups, in live or replay mode. Full tracking of end suppression, defect marking capability, and customizable data retention are included. Seamless integration with existing mill operations is provided, including backward compatibility with older systems.

The FD-6A model is GE Qualified as of 9-6-2016 for P3TF31 Class A & B, & P29TF82 Class A & B, a typical requirement for nuclear and aerospace applications.

Typical Application and Feature Advantages:

  • Flaw detection, thickness measurement, dimensional evaluation, eccentricity calculation, weld inspection and characterization.
  • Can operate on or off line
  • For full inspection of tubes, pipes and bars, plate and weld.
  • Use with MAC’s Echomac® Rotary Ultrasonic Transducer assembly as well as with other existing immersion, bubbler or squirter type and “spin the tube” installations
  • Well suited for new installations but also older installations that need to be upgraded (normally quick turnaround on retrofit).
  • Can replace any commercial ultrasonic instrument in almost any application.
  • Includes extremely flexible tracking, sorting and recording functionality that enables very close end testing and normalized recording which compensates for the many inspection planes necessary in complex multi-transducer configurations.

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