With the new Minimac® 50, you no longer have to sacrifice performance for price. This powerful, compact design is the first eddy current tester to offer the robust capabilities of our top of the line Multimac®, yet is much more affordable than you might think.

The Minimac® 50 features MAC’s proprietary Multimac® performance, operates at speeds over 4000 f.p.m, takes up less space, and does not require cooling. Designed with software controls for all functions including phasing, filtering, and sensitivity, this single channel instrument is an excellent choice for dedicated, continuous production testing of wire and cable, where simple setup without the need for constant operator adjustment is desired. Separate full-color polar and linear monitor display of real time, true wave form signals enables on-site or remote location review and defect tracking. The Minimac® 50 can also be interfaced with any of MAC’s full line of coils, coil platforms and accessories.

Typical Applications:

• Inspect wire, tube and parts

• Test magnetic and non-magnetic grades

• Find weld line faults, including short ID or OD defects

• Check continuity and locate welds in single and multi-conductor insulated wire and cable

• Test continuous product, on-line or off-line

• Detect magnetic inclusions with MID version of Minimac®