No two products or processing challenges are exactly alike. That’s why a specially-configured MAC® Custom System can help you address unique testing requirements…as well as the demands of your own internal standards.

  • Can be configured to be an integral part of your production line.
  • Multi-collector software is available to bring together results from multiple testers even including, in some cases, existing test operations in your mill.
  • Customized applications that combine several test methods take advantage of the strengths inherent in each technology to gain comprehensive test coverage, accuracy and efficiency.
  • Three typical custom applications include:
    Custom System for Non Destructive Testing

    Series 751 Coil Platform with Slide & Elevate Mechanism

    • A Custom Eddy Current Test System.
    • A single Longitudinal Flux Leakage rotary test head.
    • A Multi-Test System with sophisticated electronic controls.
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