Tests Hardness, Alloy, Dimensions and Physical Characteristics in MetalPRODUCT - ECT - VARIMAC VI

  • Test and sort fasteners, bearings and other cold formed pieces using 100% nondestructive testing.
  • Check for hardness and correct grade in wire and bar.
  • Test ferrous (magnetic) or nonferrous (non-magnetic) material.
  • Use with MAC® Parts Gate for high-speed 3-way sorting.
  • Selective circuits separate wanted signals from those of unwanted conditions.
  • Contact MAC to arrange for a no charge comparator trial test of your product.

The Varimac® VI performs fast, convenient sorting of metal parts. When used with MAC’s Part Gates, parts can be sorted and counted at speeds up to six parts per second into three separate groups.

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A frequent challenge in manufacturing and industry is how to separate different parts that have been intentionally—or accidentally—mixed. Electromagnetic comparators can be used to accomplish this quickly and economically.

  • This type of instrument “compares” variations in a test part to conditions in a known sample.
  • When a metal part is placed inside or near a test coil that is excited by an alternating current, the voltage output from the coil will be affected. This is the basic principle employed by all electromagnetic comparators.
  • The kinds of mixes that comparators will separate typically involve variations in alloy, heat treatment, hardness, structure, dimensions (including length) and certain alternating current, the voltage output from the coil will be affected.

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