Eddy Current technology is the go-to wire and cable testing method for checking continuity, alloy, flaws and other conditions as Testing wire with NDTwell as for locating welds and splices.

MAC® instruments can handle a range of metal wire including cut lengths, continuous production, stranded, multi-conductor and insulated cable. Carbon steels, stainless alloys, copper, aluminum, titanium and other nonferrous metals can also be inspected.

Typical flaws and conditions include chevron cracks, laps, seams, slivers, weld line faults, welds, butt welds, breaks, continuity checking, variations in heat treat, grade, alloy, and other flaws and conditions.

Markers, controls, demagnetizers and components for mounting encircling or segment test coils and saturation coils (for testing magnetic material) and positioning and driving the material through the test are combined with MAC instrumentation to make up a complete system.

The bottom line: the choice of equipment depends on the nonconforming conditions you wish to detect and the size and characteristics of the material.

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Eddy Current Instrument for Testing Tube, Bar, & WireNon Destructive Testing Eddy Current  

  • Operates with encircling, sector, or rotary test sensors
  • Up to eight test channels, null or absolute, can be used in any combination.
  • Detect short surface and some subsurface defects in tube, bar, and wire.
  • Inspect welded tube for short ID or OD defects in the weld zone.

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MINIMAC® 50 and 55

Minimac® 55 Eddy Current Unit

Economic, Single-Channel Eddy Current (ECT) Testers
For Simple Inspection of Continuous Product

  • Affordable, compact ECT testers offer high performance at a low cost.
  • Both designs operate at speeds over 4000 f.p.m., take up less space, and do not require cooling.
  • Detect short surface and some subsurface defects in tube, bar, wire and rod.
  • Designed with software controls for all functions including phasing, filtering and sensitivity.
  • Full-color polar and linear monitor displays of real time, true wave form signals.
  • Enable on-site or remote location review.


MAC’s® Eddy Current Testing (ECT) systems incorporate computer-based test instruments and test coils that use two ECT coil technologies: encircling and sector coils, and spinning or rotary probe coils.

20mm High Speed Rotary

  • Encircling and sector Eddy Current coil tests perform in this manner:
  • The product is passed through or adjacent to an electrical test coil, which
    has been excited by an alternating current.
  • This induces a flow of eddy currents around the test material or in the
    case of a sector coil, in the area under the coil.
  • Short, intermittent anomalies or flaws cause a variation in the eddy
    current pattern, which the instrument detects.

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