Multiple & Custom NDT Systems

MAC offers large, automated multiple test systems that combine different NDT technologies and controls to provide a totally automated, integrated inspection system. By combining different tests, such as eddy current, ultrasonic and/or flux leakage in one system, each technology detects the conditions that it is best suited to find. The result is a superior inspection system, designed to meet the exact specifications of the tube, wire or bar mill and their customers.

Typical multi test systems to inspect welded steel tube might include:

  • Echomac® rotary ultrasonic test for detecting transverse and longitudinal flaws, wall thickness and ID/OD dimensions.
  • MultiMac® eddy current test for detecting weldline defects
  • Varimac® electromagnetic comparator to check grade
  • Demagnetizer to eliminate residual magnetism from the eddy current test
  • Automatic markers
  • Test Bench
  • Drive mechanisms
  • Conveyor system for incoming and outgoing material, including feed racks, stop arms, accept and reject pockets
  • Water chiller and recirculation system for UT test

Using MAC’s “Learn Drive”, “auto-diameter” and other control features, the system can “learn” the diameter of the material, the production line speed and other characteristics, and program itself to automatically time the activation of the test probes or transducers and the operation of the mechanics which position and move the test material through the inspection process. This allows for highly automated non-destructive testing in an industrial environment. Contact MAC at to have a Field Engineer visit your plant and discuss an integrated, automatic inspection system for your product.


MAC’s experienced Mechanical Engineers and Research and Development Engineers have designed a number of custom NDT inspection systems for specific applications. Once approved by the customer, the design is manufactured, installed and checked out by MAC in the customer’s plant. MAC’s subsidiary in Sweden, M A Nordic also has many years of experience in designing and building complex systems for a number of NDT applications.

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