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An insight to MAC’s eddy current, flux leakage, and ultrasonic ndt systems along with our extensive history and various locations

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Eddy Current (ET) Encircling Coil Technology GI-2 Adobe PDF
Eddy Current (ET) Spinning Probe Technology GI-3 Adobe PDF
Electromagnetic Comparators GI-1 Adobe PDF
Flux Leakage Technology GI-5 Adobe PDF
Ultrasonic Technology (UT) GI-4 Adobe PDF

Technical Papers & Articles

NDT Practices on SS Products for Oil and Gas Industry  Written by District Manager, Keith Doughten and presented at the Stainless Steel World Americas Conference 2014.  The paper discusses solutions for flaw detection and we will focus in on Eddy Current and Ultrasonic inspection methods for Oil and Gas Industry Products.
The new 500mm Rotoflux® flux leakage test system for large diameter OCTG tube and pipeAn article published by the International Metal Tube Magazine on MAC’s most recent testing capabilities for large diameter OCTG
Advances in Large Diameter Pipe Inspection Featured in the NDTMarketPlace Dec. 2013 issue. Co-authored by Dudley Boden and Paloma Domenico discussing a newly designed Ultrasonic carriage for inspecting spinning tubes
A Major Player in the NDT Industry  Published in Stainless Steel World Americas December 2013, reflects on MAC’s 85 years of innovation, success, and after sales service.  Written by Candace Allison as she interviewed Dudley Boden; VP of Sales and Paloma Domenico; Advertising Manager.
“Modern Comparators” Published in Fastener Technology International August 2013 and composed by David Bauer, Chib Iheagwara, Jean Gould, and William Hoffmann discussing the Quick, Automated Testing of Critical Metal Parts for Hardness, Alloy & Dimensions.
“85 Years of Custom NDT”   An Interview with President and CEO Joseph Vitulli in Manufacturing Today Fall 2013 issue focusing on the full suite of NDT equipment MAC brings to the manufacturing sector.
“NDT of Round Cross-section Stainless Steel Tube and Bar Product” By Joseph Baldauff detailing the different standards set forth by ASTM & EN for inspecting Stainless Steel Tube & Bar using eddy current and ultrasonic inspection methods.
Nondestructive Testing of Super Duplex Stainless Steel” Presented by Keith Doughten at the 2012 Stainless Steel World Americas Conference and Exposition in Houston Texas. This paper goes in to detail regarding the accuracy of eddy current NDT and the detection of sigma phase.
A Look at Non-Destructive Testing” Stainless Steel World Americas had the opportunity to speak briefly with Dudley Boden, VP of Sales for Magnetic Analysis Corporation (MAC), a leader in non-destructive testing since 1928. After developing the first American made system using electromagnetic principles for the detection of flaws in steel products, MAC has grown to become a major source of NDT services for testing metals worldwide.

New Ultrasonic Testing Technique for Testing Tube Ends” (Joe Baldauff) All NDT test methods have some limitation in regard to testing the full tube length. This limit is generally referred to as UNTESTED END. The application being discussed is for Oil Field Tube and threaded ends can be subject to failure if lamination or mechanical defects exist at the tube end. In this particular situation, cutting the untested end does not meet the final requirement.

Ultrasonic testing (UT) of heat exchanger tubes made of stainless steel and Titanium alloys is mandatory due to a number of standards. The prerequisite for reliable testing is automated testing equipment which produces documented results. For this purpose Magnetic Analysis Corporation (MAC) offers complete turn-key ready systems including material handling; which allows the user to meet the most widely used UT standards.
One of the most frequent dilemmas facing companies today is the proper testing technique to use with their product. While this is often dictated by industry specifications based on the type of product and its intended use, even these specifications are often ambiguous or allow for different alternatives. This paper written by Dudley Boden (2011) presents the best uses of the most common high-speed testing techniques, as well as some of the limitations involved in making a decision as to which technique is best for each company’s application.
New developments in flux leakage inspection of OCTG tubes & pipes written by Zhongqing You and Dudley Boden presented at Tube & Pipe Istanbul 2009 discusses recent advancements in Flux Leakage Inspection systems offered by
Magnetic Analysis Corporation, for inspection of production tubes for both longitudinal and transverse defects.
“Testing Critical Medical Tubing Using High Frequency Coils” Adobe PDF
Testing Critical Medical Tubing Using High Frequency Coils, written By Troy Libby. This paper discusses the advantages obtained by testing these types of materials at higher frequencies using new coils designs by MAC.
“Eddy Current Testing of Partly Magnetic Stainless Steel” Adobe PDF
Eddy Current article appearing in Inspection Trends, Winter 2007 by David Bauer, Business Development Manager, Magnetic Analysis Corporation and Anthony Graviano, Quality Assurance Manager & Metallurgist, RathGibson Tube
“Detecting Oblique Defects in Tubes by Rotary Ultrasonic Testers” Adobe PDF
Ultrasonic paper presented at the Pipe & Tube Houston 07 Conference, and at Tube Ukraine 2007 in October, 2007 by John Venczel, Engineering Manager, Magnetic Analysis Corporation.
“Nondestructive Testing for Multiple Conditions in Tube and Pipe” Adobe PDF
NDT paper presented at Extrusion, Drawing & Tube Reducing Conference in Scotsdale, AZ, Sept. 2006 by Donald N. Bugden VP Magnetic Analysis Corporation
“Off-Line Nondestructive Testing of Tubular Products” Adobe PDF
NDT article in Tube & Pipe Technology, Jan/Feb 2006, by Donald N. Bugden, VP Magnetic Analysis Corporation
“Using NDT Systems to Monitor Welded-Tube Production” Adobe PDF
NDT-Two methods are better than one. Tube & Pipe Journal Oct/Nov 2001 by Donald N. Bugden, Christopher McAllister, Kris Whitmore, Greg Mauerer & Larry Wells
“Eddy Current Test Methods” Adobe PDF
Eddy Current methods for how to detect through – and partial – wall defects on long – coiled tubing. Tube and Pipe Journal July/August 2000, by Anthony Graviano, Quality Assurance Manager & Metallurgist, Gibson Tube Inc.
“Choosing the Proper Nondestructive Technique” Adobe PDF
NDT paper presented at International Tube Association Better Tube Technology Conference in Monterey, Mexico, 1992 by Donald N. Bugden, VP Magnetic Analysis Corporation

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