Testing Plate/Strip

MAC has successfully applied Eddy Current, Ultrasonic, and/or Flux Leakage inspection techniques to inspecting plates.
Typical flaws and conditions that can be detected include:
  • Surface defects
  • Internal defects in ferrous & non ferrous plates
  • Laminations & other conditions in strip used for welded tube
  • Voids
  • Foreign inclusions such as ferrous chips in aluminum plate
  • Other flaws & conditions

Testing Plate

Testing Aluminum, Copper and Steel Plate MAC has eddy current tests to inspect copper and aluminum plate for steel inclusions, using spinning eddy current test probes that traverse the surface. An ultrasonic system with multiple transducers can detect surface flaws in steel plate. A system is also available for inspecting slabs, directly after the straightener, and as the slab leaves the casting machine, uses spinning discs with eddy current technology to detect random direction surface cracks. Internal defects in ferrous and non ferrous plates can be detected with MAC ultrasonic technologies.

Detecting Flaws and Conditions

Custom Systems for Inspecting Strip and Plate Custom test systems to detect surface flaws, inclusions, or other conditions in strip have been developed by MAC. Specialized handling, an array of test sensors, and other innovative techniques are available. Contact us at contactus@mac-ndt.com to discuss your specific application.