The Varimac, latest in MAC’s line of eddy current comparators gives you fast, convenient sorting of metal parts such as fasteners, bearings, and other cold formed pieces. Its high speed continuous operation and reliability in production environments make 100% non- destructive inspection economically feasible. It is also used for checking alloy and hardness in bar or wire.

Typical Application:

  • Detect variations in alloy, hardness, some dimensions and certain types of cracks in metal bar, tube or parts. Also used for high speed sorting of parts such as fasteners and bearings. Used with MAC’s Parts Gates, parts can be sorted and counted at speeds up to six parts per second into three separate groups.

For Use With: Bars and Rods, Metal Parts, Tubing


Standard Parts Test System
MAC standard NDT parts testers usually utilize the Varimac V eddy current comparator with an automated parts sorting gate to separate parts into three categories – above specification, below specification and acceptable. The sort speed of the Varimac V instrument is only limited by the parts handling and sorting mechanism. Used in conjunction with MAC’s Model 570 gate system, for example, the Varimac provides reliable, 3 way sorting at speeds up to 6 parts per second, based on differences in alloy, hardness, case depth, grain size, processing variations, plating thickness, some dimensions and orientation.

Customized Parts Testers
Highly sophisticated customized parts testers using several test technologies and appropriate automated handling equipment have been developed and produced for inspecting shell bodies, grenades, bearing races, and automotive parts, among others.

Typical Application:

  • Inspect and sort for hardness, alloy, or other physical characteristics in metal parts.