For High Speed Testing (up to 18,000 RPM) of Small Diameter Wire, Rod, & Tube, for Longitudinal Defects

Used with MultiMac® electronics, it conducts highly sensitive non-contact testing with easy to set up distance compensation,ROTOMAC HS 20mm sm
a critical factor in testing ovate wire.

  • Detect surface flaws, such as seams and laps in ferromagnetic, non-ferromagnetic and austenitic round or ovate materials.
  • Inspect cut lengths and continuous product
  • Install off-line or in-line with straighteners and other continuous wire operations
  • 2 spinning test probes, easily adjusted for dimensional changes and accessed for replacement
  • Quick, twist-on bushing holders

Applications Include:

  • Continuous wire operations such as drawing, spring-making, and parts forming lines.
  • Straight and cut operations.
  • Operate in-line with straighteners or off-line in a separate test station
  • Ferromagnetic, non-ferromagnetic, and austenitic materials.
  • Testing round and ovate material