Echomac® PA Phased Array Bar Tester

Echomac® PA Bar Tester

Magnetic Analysis Corp.’s new Echomac® PA BT phased array system for testing bar allows producers to handle a much larger range of diameters in one installation. Available in 3 models to test 10 – 75mm diameter (small model); 20 – 130mm (medium model) or 50 – 254mm (large model), these testers use MAC’s new cassette system where size changes can be implemented efficiently and quickly in under 5 minutes.  The transducer cassettes, selected to meet the specific size ranges the customer will be testing, are housed in a waterbox assembly which serves as the immersion tank.  Mechanical positioning knobs, mounted on the cassettes, allow optimizing alignment of the test probe to the bar.  A floating head feature allows the system to automatically adapt for small variations in straightness while keeping the probes normal to the surface of the bar. Two Triple Guide Roll self-centering units (one pair for inlet and outlet side of frame) are incorporated in the waterbox.

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