Inspecting Billets – Eddy Current Technology


  • This Eddy Current Billet System inspects square, round corner billets
  • Tests flat surfaces and corners for defects
  • Detect longitudinal defects in the flat
    surfaces, and transverse and longitudinal
    flaws on the corners
  • The MultiMac® electronics has 8 test
  • Test frequencies can be selected from
    1 kHz to 5 MHz with a flaw bandwidth
    up to 5 kHz
  • A setup can be done in under 10 minutes
    and a size change only requires an
    adjustment of the headplate probes
  Billet tester

Eddy current billet inspection system with rotary and encircling test


MultiMac® Electronics

setup screenAll the parameters for testing are set up through the EC screen. Each channel is set up independently. It is also possible to lock out parameters so that they can only be changed by an authorized person with a password.  

The MultiMac® electronics used in the billet test system has a full Windows® based user interface, making it easy and intuitive to operate. The setting and control of the instrument is done through the graphic user interface.

For this system, eight channels are supplied. Individual channels are assigned for use with the rotary system to test the flat surfaces or the tangent coil system to inspect the corners.


MultiMac® eddy current electronics

Multi screenThe Multi Screen displays both the linear and polar view simultaneously. Multiple channels can be displayed at one time.The track screen shows a visual representation of the product, end sensors, etc.

end suppressionIt is useful for setting up end suppression, flaw tracking, and output (alarm) routing.  
billet description billet description