MAC® Celebrates Its 90th Anniversary By Looking Back, and Looking Ahead

May, 2018

Since our founding in a small facility in Long Island City, New York, in 1928, Magnetic Analysis Corp. has grown to become a recognized global leader in nondestructive testing. At that time, most inspection consisted of “sampling” techniques, which essentially destroyed part of the bar in the process. Nondestructive testing appeared to be a very attractive idea, as it would allow use of the product after testing.

Translating the NDT concept into a viable tester required six years of research and development, leading to the first successful electromagnetic test for cracks in steel bars, conducted in an operating mill in 1934.

This was the first step in a path that led our company towards the continual development of NDT technologies and applications that were—and continue to be—designed to meet the high-quality standards of our customers.

Today, operating on an international scale, we help metal manufacturers around the world meet demanding specifications that require multiple technologies, including Eddy Current, Ultrasonic and newly developed Phased Array Ultrasonic and AC Flux Leakage, along with material handling, remote access approval and monitoring.

As we approach the milestone of our 90th year in business, we look forward to serving you in the years ahead, yet also reflect on significant events that have shaped our organization…the breakthroughs and advancements that have made us what we are today. For other details about our company history, read more at About Us.

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90 Years in the Business of NDT